New Forest Wedding Photography

The Wedding

During the ceremony the photographer needs stand where the most can be seen, with the least intrusion. We can talk through the important moments so that nothing is missed. Sometimes it helps to look at a list of posible photo opportunities through the day.

After the ceremony the bride and groom are greeted by their guests. I take lots of pictures of everyone and the new couple, and the confetti and flowers. Guests can become restless if the group photography takes too long, so it is important to work out which friends and family you want photographed together, as this ensures that no one gets left out, and it all runs smoothly on the day. One of the ushers or the best man can help to find everyone who needs to be in a group.

Sometimes it is good to start with a huge picture with everyone in it, and then let the guests go back to the party, as your smaller groups are photographed.

It is lovely for the newly married couple to have a short photoshoot just for them alone, a time to relax and be ready for the reception, so we neeed to decide a venue for these photographs too. I take informal pictures throughout the reception, and will stay as long into your evening party as you need.





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